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1. What is the scope of the Flint Rock Road project?
2. Is the project fully approved and ready to start?
3. What is happening now?
4. Is a new roadway proposed, or it is mostly improvements to the existing one?
5. Will the dangerous dip in Flint Rock Road near Flint Rock Trace be eliminated?
6. When will construction start on Flint Rock Road?
7. During construction how will residents be impacted?
8. How will Wild Cherry figure into the traffic pattern upon project completion?
9. What will the nature of the disruption be?
10. Is this project being done with appropriate concern for wildlife, environmental, and drainage considerations during construction?
11. When will the complete length of the new FRR be open to traffic in a substantially completed state?
12. Where can I find out more about the project now and in the coming months?
13. Where can I submit specific questions regarding the project?
14. What is the proposed budget for this project?