City Boards & Commissions

A significant portion of the City’s business is performed by boards, commissions, and committees whose membership is solely comprised of volunteers. These dedicated residents are the backbone of City government. There are more than 180 volunteers contributing their time to the City of Lakeway.

The volunteer Commissions and Committees are the: Building Commission, Zoning and Planning Commission, Board of Ethics, Board of Adjustment, Arts Committee, Heritage Committee, Parks and Recreation Committee and Wildlife Advisory Committee.

The City Building Commission, Zoning and Planning Commission, Board of Adjustment and Board of Ethics meet on a regular basis and have legislative or administrative authorities. The other committees are advisory.
These volunteers serve at the pleasure of the Mayor who nominates all candidates to these positions, with the exception of the Board of Ethics whose members are nominated by City Council members.  All appointments are made by resolution of the City Council.

For more information about any of the above referenced City's Boards and Commissions, please call the City Secretary at 512-314-7506.  To volunteer your service, kindly complete the Volunteer Application Form and return it along with your bio/resume to the City of Lakeway. You may call 512-314-7500 if you have any questions.