Public Engagement Advisory Committee

The City Council desires to improve communication and engagement with the public in order to assist the City Council in making decisions and policy that affect the public and public initiatives; and public participation and collaboration may enhance the City’s effectiveness, expand its range of options, improve the quality of its decisions, and enlist the problem­solving capacities of the general public.
Therefore, the City Council established the Public Engagement Advisory Committee on Dec. 18, 2017 in order to assist with improving public input and participation.

The Committee will provide advice and recommendations to council regarding the implementation of public participation guidelines and practices.
The Committee will advise the City Council on the design, implementation, and evaluation of public engagement processes for determining community goals and policies and delivering services.
The city’s communications coordinator shall be appointed as coordinator to the Committee.
The citizen members of the Public Engagement Advisory Committee shall be appointed by the City Council by resolution.
The Committee shall report its findings and recommendations to the City Council on an as-needed basis, but not less than quarterly for the duration of one year, at which point the need for such committee will be evaluated.
Definition: The phrase “Public Engagement” is defined to include “Public Participation,” “Community Engagement,” “Citizen Engagement,” “Public Hearing,” and “Public Comment.”



Lakeway Parks and Recreation Survey

Feb. 11-25, 2019

Community Survey

Sept. 25-Oct. 9, 2018


First Wednesday of every month - 4 p.m.

Lakeway City Hall, 1102 Lohmans Crossing


  • Mike LaRocca, Chair
  • Nancy Clayton
  • Kevin Daley
  • Mary Lynne Gibbs
  • Jordan Locklear
  • Peter McCabe
  • Tammy Jo Stanley

Council Liaison

  • Doug Howell